Voting Access: In the News

4-30-20 - Citizenship proof to vote is unconstitutional absent viable fraud, appeals court says - Kansas may not require people registering to vote to provide documents proving their citizenship, a federal appeals court has ruled, striking down one of the most prominent Republican efforts to prove assertions of widespread election cheating.

4-17-20 - Millions can't register to vote without violating stay-at-home curbs - The coronavirus has already drastically compromised campaigns and voting this year. The next looming casualty looks to be registration drives. With about 95 percent of the population under states' orders to stay at home this spring, face-to-face "Get Out the Vote!" crusades so typical in election years have ceased to exist. Civic engagement groups, now forced to operate entirely online, are expressing alarm that a significant share of people who want a say in electing the president this fall won't be able to get on the voter rolls in time.

4-16-20 - Vote-by-mail benefits neither party and is nearly fraud-free, new studies find - Voting by mail does not help Democrats more than Republicans and does not incubate fraud — but does generate a bit more turnout, a pair of academic studies out Thursday conclude.

4-9-20 - What's needed nationally, and fast, to prevent Wisconsin from replicating - "It will take $2-4 billion to safeguard our right to vote while protecting public health & making sure every ballot counts. This is not a partisan issue. Fifteen states have already postponed primaries in response to the coronavirus. Democracy delayed is democracy denied, regardless of your ideology or party of choice."

4-8-20 - UPDATED: STATE-BY-STATE CORONAVIRUS ELECTION READINESS TRACKER - As Americans are maintaining physical distance from each other to protect themselves and slow the spread of coronavirus, some states are better prepared than others to continue holding safe, fair elections. States’ preparation for and response to the global pandemic could have major consequences for voters’ ability to participate in their democracy, both in primary elections this spring and for the presidential election this fall. We are tracking states’ preparedness. Ideally, every voter would have the choice to cast a mailed-out ballot from the safety of their home. We are monitoring which states are prepared, which are taking taking baby steps, and which are leaving voters to fend for themselves at the polls.

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